Multi Media


Multi Media

Volunteer Opportunities:

1 AM operator

3 PM operators

2 or 3 designers

What we do:

Design the slides for the services and project them, and any videos, onscreen

 How we do it:





Slide Catalogues are stored on Dropbox; Lyrics Libraries are on

designers follow a weekly worksheet (the worship flow on two weeks ahead of the service

they research and create new slides weekly as well as copy catalogued slides from Dropbox

their draft decks are sent to the lead designers for review (AM to Rain; PM to Chris)

edits are made and reviewed until satisfactory

the final draft is then crosschecked against the final OOS and sent to the operator


operators compile the service deck, announcement slides, videos and photos on Dropbox

they copy everything to their thumb drive as a backup

they do one last crosscheck against the OOS

they arrive at church early to check out equipment, download the files, vet some slides on the screen

they liaison with the Worship Coordinator and handle last minute requests (minimally accepted)

during the service, they advance the slides as the service progresses

they use headphones to communicate with Diane or Patrick (music director)

they then make post service notes and upload the deck to Dated Services and back to Dropbox


Skill sets needed for this Ministry:

basic familiarity with computers

basic familiarity with our services at MCCT


willing to volunteer 4 or 5 hours over a two week period designing at home

willing to design one or two services per month

willing to commit to at least one year of service


willing to arrive at church over one hour before the service begins

willing to operate one or two services per month

willing to commit to at least one year of service

familiarity with PowerPoint is an asset; however, extensive training is offered on PowerPoint, Dropbox and