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Mark Purcell volunteers as Worship Coordinator

My parents got me involved in Scouting when I was seven years of age and it taught me the value of doing things for others. It was part of the Cub Promise.

“I promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and the Queen, to keep the law of the Wolf Cub Pack, and do a good turn every day.”

I always felt that the last part was an important principle, so much so, that almost 50 years later, I still try to do this. I learned the value of volunteerism. Volunteering is something that is important to do. At age 12, when I was a Scout, I got involved as a volunteer leader with the Cub Pack and over the years I would volunteer in places that interested me, so I could give back to wherever I was. Places like MCCT. This was in the days before you had to do it for school. We just volunteered because, well, that’s what you did. It’s important to volunteer and give back.

Volunteering helped me to be more confident in speaking to groups. My confidence grew to a point where I was able to talk to and instruct large groups of people or lead a campfire of about 400-600 people.

I have found that volunteering at MCCT has been very fulfilling.

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