How will you transform lives and transform the world?

Do you want to donate some of your time to our spiritual community? Are you ready to learn a new skill or maybe teach an old one? We’d love to have your help!

There are so many wonderful ways to get involved with the community at MCC Toronto. You can help in the garden, serve dinner at a community meal, greet people at our reception desk or help us continue to deliver an amazing Life Long Learning program. As you’ll see as you browse this website, your choices are practically limitless.

Volunteering is not only a great way to give back to your community. It’s also a great way to practise love and kindness every day, make new friends, and feel better about yourself. So get involved!

Volunteer Story

Why Volunteer?

MCC Toronto has given me so much, that it has been an honour to volunteer in this community. I am a purposeful person who believes that the best way to strengthen the communities that I am a part of is to roll up my sleeves and contribute. By volunteering, I get a chance to contribute my skills and talents to making MCC Toronto even better and more relevant. – Denise Campbell (Team Lead, Anointing and Serving)

As I know I must maintain my house, I must also maintain my spiritual home. As I am fed spiritually, I must give my time to make sure that we xan continue to feed others. – Ron Beben (Team Lead, Counting Team and Ushers & Greeters)


How will you transform lives?

Volunteer Opportunities

How will you transform the world?

Do you want to donate some of your time to our spiritual community? Are you ready to learn a new skill or maybe teach an old one? We’d love to have your help! Browse through some of our current volunteer opportunities and click on the ones that interest you to get more details. When you’re ready to get involved, simply fill out the response form at the bottom of any volunteer page.

Multi Media

Multi Media Volunteer Opportunities: 1 AM operator 3 PM operators 2 or 3 designers What we do: Design the ...
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Worship Coordinators – Morning Services

Worship Coordinators – Morning Services To facilitate the best possible worship experience for the congregation. Worship Coordinators (3 people needed) ...
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Volunteer opportunities for families

Ushering/Greeting (ongoing)
  • Welcoming and handing out programs before 10:50 a.m. service
  • Collecting the Offering during 10:50 a.m. service
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Volunteer opportunities for kids

Altar Guild (ongoing)
  • Carrying cross and candles (must be 8 years or older)
  • Fourth Sunday of each month
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Letter Writer: Refugee Ministry

Letter Writer: Refugee Ministry Duties and Responsibilities We are currently looking for 10 volunteers, each should be able to: Interview ...
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Giving Team Creative Writers

Giving Team Creative Writers DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Write thank you letters to donors • Interview program leads • Write ...
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Personal Outreach Assistant

Personal Outreach Assistant DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Familiarize self with church needs • Familiarize self with church financials • Communicate ...
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Registration Desk

Registration Desk – Brent’s Retirement Event DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Check attendees in as they arrive • Assist with last ...
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Special Projects Support

Special Projects Support DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Assist with preparing campaign packages • Assist with mailing duties • Assist with ...
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Ticket Seller

Brent’s Retirement Event Ticket Seller DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • 2 Volunteers are required per shift • Manage VISA/Interac for processing ...
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Do you have questions about volunteering at MCC Toronto?

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that isn’t listed here?

Andrew Holmes is our Team Leader for Volunteer Engagement. Please feel free to contact Andrew anytime with questions or ideas about volunteering at MCC Toronto!

Phone: 416-406-6228 x 128
email: aholmes at mcctoronto.com


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